About Palatine Property Solutions

PPS is a Manchester based independent property investment consultancy company. We specialise in property investment opportunities in the UK as well as overseas. Our fully managed, hands on services range from property portfolio building, structured property finance, to sourcing the right stock and ongoing property management.

Our experienced team of consultants has built up an extensive network; working directly with banks, developers, solicitors and estate agents, that gives us first hand access to discounted “off market properties”. This gives us the ability to build property portfolios for our clients with unparalleled returns. We are a group of dedicated property professionals that have each got our own property portfolios and extensive experiences within the property market. As a group we work to help you (the client) to create your wealth by working individually with you to build your own personal goals for the future.

We also source complete “off market” property portfolios and development sites for our ever growing network of investors, developers and partners. These opportunities are UK wide, for more information and latest availability, please contact the team on 0161 871 8444.


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What We Do

Through our extensive network of associates we are able to provide the best deals with properties sourced nationwide and directly with the vendor. We are also able to complete unfinished construction projects directly from the builders to original or better specification for our client’s benefits. Any company that we recommend, we have already bought through and can vouch for the worthiness and ability to do what they claim successfully. Our friendly, helpful and willing approach is vital to our success as we are happy to support our clients in every way possible.

Our Achievements

We are able to give our clients an individual service which will work with them the way they want it to work; whilst taking out the effort of property sourcing, structured financing and dealing with the properties. Our three routes to property success are all available individually. We don’t charge for education or expect you to pay for our time. Our group has traded over 8,000 properties nationwide. What would you say if I told you that buy to let property investments are much LESS risky than investing in new businesses, LESS time-consuming than investing in the stock market, MORE profitable than putting your money into savings, and leaves you with MORE of your profits than any pension scheme.

Why Choose Us?

We have extensive knowledge of property investing our consultants are experienced by individual portfolio ownership and investment, some going back over thirty years. Collectively we can provide solutions to any property situation through our associated business contacts and extensive personal knowledge. Nobody is the same and nobody’s needs are the same. We work closely with you to create an extensive business model and timeframe to suit your investment needs and expectations.

Our Strengths

We specialise in sourcing property directly and due to our years of experience we are seen as the go to people in property investing; we often get first refusal on many of the deals seen in the marketplace. Our varied services are aimed at covering all aspects of property investment taking the worry out of the individual opportunities.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide tailored property investment strategies to our clients that will maximize their return. Also to share our wealth of experience with clients to enable them to take advantage of the significant opportunities available at present to invest into UK property, we will devise multiple exit strategies in line with the client’s needs and expectations. Successful property investment is not always as easy as it may seem, especially with all the latest property guru’s strategies out there; but this often results in expensive and poorly performing investments. We offer the guidance of experts, people who have been there and done it and understand the implications of investing in both the UK and international environments to help your investment every step of the way. Our main goal is customer satisfaction and to ensure all of our clients are provided with excellent service.