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What is a BMV Property?

BMV also known as “below market value” is the process behind buying property for less than it has been valued for on the market. The property is then rented, rented back to the seller or flipped (re-selling the property fast for a instant profit). The UK housing market is cyclical just like every other market in the world. It goes up and down; the fluctuation in house prices is due to the short term changes in supply and demand, which is influenced by factors such as interest rates, availability of finance, the media and the effect it has on public sentiment, level of employment and the economy in general. When investing in property, many people apply the strategy of “Buy Low and Sell High” which is a strategy that was born from stock marketing investing. The buy to let market has increased 60% over the last 5 years and now is the best time to invest in property.

What is a TRUE discount

A TRUE discount is a %  discount from a current lenders R.I.C.S valuation report of today’s value. No other calculation can ever be offered as a potential alternative.

How our BMV deals work for you

We offer you low cost entry into individual properties as well as full development opportunities not available anywhere else. Many of our deals are direct from source so we can show you how to invest for the best with the resources at your disposal. Palatine Property Solutions is able to bring you properties that are available at anything up to 60% below their true value in the market place as shown by a RICS valuation not an estate agent.

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