Building Your Property Portfolio

Yesterday we received a review of the property market of 2012, but we’re nearly a third of the way through 2013. When you’re building your property portfolio why would you want to look backwards when you should be setting your sights on what’s to come? The economic and financial market is such now, that the times we are living through have never been experienced in anybody’s lifetime, so what good will looking back do anyway. It was a fairly gloomy report and it didn’t really inspire any excitement other than predict that the cost of renting will increase. This should be music to the ears of landlords as the tenants who pay the rents, which then pays the mortgages and provides the means for you to carry on building your property portfolio. We all know there are challenges out there to be overcome but a happy life exists not in the absence of hardships but in the mastery of them.

Building your property portfolio should be hard work so you appreciate it all the more. We have to be grateful for everything we have in life and whinging about how hard it has been is no way to make the future easier. There are certain steps which we can take to make it more fulfilling and remove the pitfalls although there is no replacement for experience. These would start by working with the right people. This is not nearly as easy as you might think because the world is full of people who are held back through greed and negativity; they include agents, brokers, financiers, surveyors, solicitors and even vendors. What we as investors have to achieve is a caring, ethical, reasonable and sensible approach to all our dealings with everyone, in order to make our life more gratifying and not have regrets about the past, or doubts about the future and its possibilities.When we meet with new clients our intention is firstly to discuss your objectives and help you to understand how you go about building your property portfolio.

Firstly we look at the type of property to buy and in what areas to get the yields you need to create your desired outcome. Then we can look at your purchasing strategy and answer any questions you may have. We can help you to understand all the health and safety issues, responsibilities, tenant referencing and tax implications. Then we discuss how to achieve the best rents for a particular property, attract the best tenants and take the right security measures including deposit. Once we have found you a property we are able to advise on the possible rent you could achieve, what work is required to attract the desired tenants and help negotiate with all parties to bring about a successful completion of the purchase on the terms that suit you best. With our trusted power team of brokers, builders, insurers and solicitors we are able to liaise with all parties on your behalf.

As soon as possible after exchange of contracts we are able to help you market the property and secure a tenant with the right references, security and legal documentation in place. The biggest problem with building your property portfolio is often sourcing the properties as so many have to be visited and negotiated to get a successful outcome. We are able to take away this problem through our sourcing agents all over the country. Our service is designed to give you the best help and advice to either start or grow your property investment wealth. By using our extensive knowledge and experience you can look forward to a bright property investing future instead of looking back with regret. Anything of value worth doing is worth doing properly so why risk your hard earned money taking shortcuts when you can come to the professionals.
Always try to do things the most cost effective forward thinking way.

Written by:
Lionel Palatine – He is a regular networker and a speaker at events as well as being a property author and adviser. He joint ventures deals and shows people how to buy property for low cost which are inclusive of all fees and deposits.

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