Ethical Eco or Expensive Ego

Sitting in the sun in Thailand resting during our Tai Chi retreat has me thinking of the whole basis of why we do what we do. There is no doubt that property is one of the best ways of building wealth, holding wealth and feeling wealth but eventually we have to examine our principles in the way we do things. When we are young we struggle to make our mark, to survive away from our parents and to create a practical home and life for ourselves and potentially our own families. As we mature and experience what other people have to go through and compare it to our own privileged lifestyles we can hopefully appreciate that we have a duty to our best for others. The laws of manifestation have some vitally important lessons to bring about physical abundance, like patience, persistence and perseverance. We all have to do something to create the life we need, no matter how much preying and hoping we do without action the chances of anything being created are very small. When we learn to live a life for our children and to see that we have the higher good of others as our guide we receive far more than we ever need. Having the machine to make money doesn’t necessarily mean you should want to pump it out for your own indulgence. The difficulty of looking after the material possessions of wealth is far more complex than feeding our expensive ego, that same inner self won’t allow us to let go of the illusion we show to the world which is only our insecurity showing through.


Once we have the security of money flowing we really need to connect with others to help their life to become more fulfilled so that we can do more than just feed our materialistic ego self. We could be massively overweight, lazy and take advantage of every person that comes to us for help or we can use our wealth to make us physically more desirable. The fact is that money is a symbol of many things and represents power, advantage and vanity. Many people who have it, simply aren’t happy and think they need more of it to feed their ego to have even more. When we look at how safe we feel, how confident we are and how resourceful we can be, it can pay to have a different way of looking at ourselves and the way we work compared to the way the rest of the population, what we want to achieve overall and how we intend to create it through a business or personally and how we can hopefully see a more ethical and eco-friendly way of doing it. There is being mindful of everything we do to build our self-esteem and there is pampering to the wants of our ego mind to show off our wealth. Everything is a result of cause and effect, our health, our wealth and even our love or lack of it is all dependent on what we have been doing or not doing to up to the present time. It’s never too late to have a healthy relationship with wealth providing we can first sort the relationship with our own ego. The right deals only come up if you have the right mind set to find them and to help those who need it.


The key to most things is simply not to do anything to anyone else that you wouldn’t like someone to do to you or your mother. Thinking that way will give you a good basis for life whatever you do. When you need to do something dramatic to impress your mother it might be time to look at your relationship with life rather than wealth. However putting in safeguards along the way will protect your efforts. There is usually a more friendly, more efficient and more eco way to do most things. Caring for our planet is just as important as caring for our children as it is they who will have to live with whatever we create. Once we raise our energetic resonance and intentions around our long term wants inevitably the Universe brings us what we need to make it. Celebrating, being inspired by and learning from what others have done is a good way to educate yourself in any understanding. Planning for the three, five and seven year goals will enable the information to flow for your strategic objectives. We have to show a sense of business first though and anyone needing permanent equity or bank borrowing is going to need to be able to provide some business history along with the purpose for the loan, its serviceability and an amount of security. When our ego leads us rather than our thinking mind we would most likely struggle to produce real wealth as we will spend anything we make often before we’ve really made it.


The requirements of being ethical and ecological can be brought into the overall planning of your property business via financial statements and management accounts. Showing the costs in your business plan and financial forecasts will allow lenders the awareness of your ethics and support your mission statement and culture. Long before you have a statement of assets and liabilities your bank statements, cash flow forecast and budget planner will need to look good to any prospective lender. Of course you could simply do everything in your own name as a sole trader but the pendulum of benefits once again appears to have swung back to owning a business. Time is definitely money and until you have the freedom of time to be able to delegate everything it’s sensible not to do anything below your hourly rate. Likewise until you have the freedom of finance to be able to flaunt your wealth it’s better to think of everything in terms of serving the needs of others and the planet before the wants of our ego driven arrogance.


Always put the wellbeing of others before our own materialistic wants.

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