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This week I’m in America at the ego driven Tony Robbins event where millionaires are made every minute. Over here they use the terminology express house sale and have express agency houses for sale. The way people work and think is very different from country to country, and what works in one country won’t necessarily work in another. Lease options as they are now termed in Britain are nothing new. We were doing them in the early eighties but they didn’t have the name. The modern way comes from the recession hit nineties in America, where great swathes of property were being demolished until a few bright sparks started to use commercial thinking for residential properties.

The best way to sum it up might be to say something like taking control of a property without the cost of purchase, and for some people it works well until it comes unstuck and then the problems begin. Unless you have no other alternative we would suggest you be very wary of what you do and how you go about it. Express house sales are slowing down here and in England we’ve had another court session over an option deal during the last week where possession was granted back to the original owner. The costs are approaching £20K on that one now so it’ll be an interesting New Year to see the final outcome and who picks up the legal tab. What we say to anyone starting out in property is that what you hear may not be what’s best for you. What you think will be an easy way to make money is never as straight forward as people make it seem and when you have the experience of other countries like here in America and see just how they have express agency houses for sale on their books you may realise the truth of what we say.

Making money and wealth is a mind-set, many peoples greatest fear is running out of money in retirement, property can be a great way to make money but it can equally be a great way to get stressed out to a point where you might never reach retirement. In the western world the death of a loved one is notoriously the most stressful thing, second is losing your job. Building a property empire may prevent you from ever having to have a job but a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. When there is a fear or risk factor holding you back the need to look at the keys to success can be ever greater. To make a project work it must be an opportunity, you must have the knowledge to complete it successfully and you must take action to cease it.

There are times to go against the crowd to get the best outcome in the end; we would suggest if everyone seems to be doing options now, it might not be the best time for you to do them.

Always weigh up the risk factors against the advantages.
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