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According to Tony Robbins leaders are people of influence who aren’t afraid of being different. They need hunger and drive to do what they want for others. They have to own their world and be better by being around people who are better than they are at the thing they don’t like doing. Leaders need a big vision that can get others on board. When you need to create express house sales getting the people on board to your way of thinking can be easy if you do things differently. Small changes can make a big difference to the price when you show people what they want to see rather than what you want from the deal. The basics like fresh paint and new carpets give the overall look of cleanliness but the little touches can make the difference between an express house sale and a property that hangs around on the market until you take less for it. The best way, is to maximize your resources on the things that make the most impact. New light switches and plug sockets are not as expensive as you might expect. Louvre drapes are tidy and can be fitted very reasonably. When you renovate a property and sell it empty it can be improved by dressing with flowers and surprisingly a kettle and provisions to make a brew can not only make the place looked more liveable but when you offer prospective buyers a drink they feel more at home to help you make that express house sale.

Thinking like a buyer helps you as a seller. When you’re selling you own home, make sure it’s tidy and clean whenever viewers come to see the place.Try to make sure everyone is out of the way, pack the kids off to the cinema and send Grandad down the pub. Get some nice fresh smells in the place and make it look like a happy home. Any property that has bad vibes will reduce the price accordingly, we viewed one recently that was worth over £800K but the negativity of the owners meant they eventually needed an express house sale which meant they only got offered £520K they had no alternative than to accept it. An investor got a good deal and the previous owners will probably be even more negative now. We couldn’t help it if they wouldn’t take our advice. So many people don’t and end up losing out through desperation of needing an express house sale. Many of the companies that advertise express house sales are what we would consider to be unethical and some seem to be downright unscrupulous but it can be a dog eat dog world out there. A lot of American based buying systems are predominant in the market these days. These are not something we would generally recommend as our experiences show that they could be a lot of trouble waiting to happen. We only have to look at how broke places like Detroit are now to realise that more debt against property isn’t necessarily a good way forward.

Of course there is good debt and bad debt but the level at which people play the leverage game can quite frankly be suicidal. Hearing the tales this last week of the ups and downs of a typical express house sales company director, made me question even more the way people work and the basis on which they apply their logic. One such buyer I know went from a hundred and fifty properties to nil simply by borrowing too much and over stepping the mark between sense and opportunity. So it can be a bad situation from both sides of the coin but the savvy investor works towards a long term plan usually just chipping away at the debt whilst picking up the best deals. We now have opportunities for our clients to purchase massively discounted properties with life tenancies. Some people would see these deals as very poor return but to real wealth builders as opposed to people wanting to show off their money they are incredible bargains and worthy investment channels for our children. One of the popular misconceptions with any kind of property investment is the reason why people are investing. When your why is big enough you will do far better than the average Joe. One of the principals we use has the acronym SOAP, it’s a good way to clean up your thinking before starting any long term venture and sits between your goals and visions.

S is for Strategy, having a strategy to work to clears all the deadwood that is likely to come your way. It gives you the criteria for what you want to attain and the reason for not taking on things that don’t fit with your end goal. Work with a strategy and you will be able to focus on what is right for you. O is for being Open to new ideas and different approaches but not being led by them. When Bhudda said ‘Believe nothing no matter where you read it or who said it unless it agrees with your own reason and common sense’, I think he had just been visited by an express house sales representative. A is for Action of course and the willingness to be able to take responsibility for your own actions. There are still plenty of people moaning about how much they lost to Inside Track but when they handed over their money they thought very differently. And incredibly there are still masses of investor’s spending money learning how to do things that aren’t right for them. The P is for planning for which there is no substitute. Fail to plan and you plan to fail, must have been said millions of times but how few actually heed those words of wisdom is frightening when you hear and meet the agents for the express house sale businesses. Ethical means working to a system of moral duty, unfortunately the world is full of egotistical people who think, often without even realising it, that showing off their affluence is better than using their influence. Fact of the matter is that most of them talk complete effluence.

Always be squeaky clean in all your dealings.

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