Free Advice For Landlords

Why are we constantly being bombarded with people selling courses when there is so much free advice for landlords? Most longstanding ethical landlords and property investors like us are willing to give help, advice and suggestions to those who need it if they simply ask. Even if not free there are many magazines available for under £5 that can be a huge font of knowledge. Have people forgotten how to read? For under £15 each there must be hundreds of books available, we have shelves full of them. They all contain more advice than you get on a paid course and you can refer back to them time and again.

Even though the Internet has been with us for a while now, people forget to type in questions specific to their needs. There is a whole host of information at your fingertips to give you the right way to do anything and that includes free advice for landlords. One of the things you have to be wary of is getting the right advice from the people that know. Courses offer strategies but usually only the one that the facilitator operates and that isn’t necessarily the best for your circumstances. At our evening event we try to give an overall view of all strategies so people can make an informed decision. That’s only £20 it helps LOL Foundation charity for ex-service personnel and you even get refreshments thrown in.

Government websites hold masses of information, they can take some sifting through but you can be sure of getting the right information from them. So if you’re after some free advice for landlords start in the right place before you spend your money on the wrong way to do things.

Always look after your money by getting the right information.

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