How to become a landlord

This week we were asked from someone who has read our book ‘Property Landlord’ how to become a property landlord? Whilst we realise our book points out how not to do things it clearly doesn’t show for some how to do it. There are many books, courses and mentoring programs available showing facts and figures that will be informative but there is no substitute for getting out there and finding the deals. It’s essentially about contact and negotiating. It’s all very well for us to talk but for newbies especially young people trying to get into property, everything can seem like a daunting prospect.

However, we have deals right now for those who want to work whether they have time, skills or money. For instance we have a property which is particularly tired after nearly thirty years of being rented out with very little renovation work. We are willing to let someone take the house, rent out part of it and renovate the property and then share the proceeds on sale. We are offering this particular house for no upfront costs whatsoever. This would be an ideal starter opportunity for a budding renovator asking how to become a landlord, to get on the ladder, make some money and project themselves forward in property.

We each have our own particular set of skills and really we should play to these in order to get what we want. For instance if your skills are in administration, and you’re wondering how to become a landlord, you could potentially work for someone like us that can teach you the ropes of how to be an administrative landlord and property investor rather than a physical hands on one who really has to struggle. It will always be hard work if you do something you don’t enjoy doing. The end goal maybe to become financially independent but there’s no quick fix so if you’re in something for the long game, make sure you enjoy it.

Always work with those who have done it before.

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