Is 2013 the best time to Invest in Property?

Palatine Property Solutions are working with their associates to bring the novice investor valuable information about the easy way to build a property portfolio.
The market is ripe for making great returns as the prices for buy to let properties along with bank interest rates remain at an all time low. At the same time the rental market is buoyant as more and more people in the transient workforce look to rent instead of buy.
The most favourable time to invest in property is at the bottom of a cycle, that’s where many experts believe we currently are.
Our knowledge of the market is extensive and we believe in spreading risk through diversification and working with high yields.
When you’ve got money to invest, knowing where to begin can be a minefield, knowing who you can trust with your money can be worse. For investors looking for ways to diversify their portfolios – stocks, shares, commodities, currencies, and commercial and residential property are the norm.

Many unseasoned investors see London as the best place to buy, but yields are only a fraction of returns in the North as the properties are so much cheaper to buy.
Good investors diversify their portfolios as much as possible in order to spread their risk, investing in the North of England is one of the easiest ways to spread risk.
In this hectic life few people have sufficient time to gain the experience necessary to create a property portfolio whilst working for their families.
That’s why we recommend leaving it to the experts who have traded over eight thousand properties rather than going it alone and making costly mistakes.
As a property investor for over thirty years and having a building business for over thirty five years Lionel Palatine is well known for helping others achieve their goals.
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