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18 Warning Signs That Every Landlord Should Know

Real life stories of 18 mistakes to avoid if you want to make money from property. Inside the 132-page book, you’ll discover 18 insightful chapters.

FREE eBook • 132 pages • 18 Chapters

Examples of chapters include

  • Right First Time
  • Buying Through a Business
  • Selling For Profit
  • Agents and Evaluations
  • An Expensive Bargain
  • The No Money Down Deal
  • Internet Bargains
  • What Do Gurus Do?

Palatine Property Solutions (PPS) is a Manchester based independent property investment consultancy company. We specialise in property investment opportunities in the UK as well as overseas. Our fully managed, hands on services range from property portfolio building, structured property finance, to sourcing the right stock and ongoing property management.

Our experienced team of consultants has built up an extensive network; working directly with banks, developers, solicitors and estate agents, that gives us first hand access to discounted “off market properties”. This gives us the ability to build property portfolios for our clients with unparalleled returns. We are a group of dedicated property professionals that have each got our own property portfolios and extensive experiences within the property market. As a group we work to help you (the client) to create your wealth by working individually with you to build your own personal goals for the future.

More about PPS