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Following on from our recent landlord rights UK blog we are being asked for landlord advice UK which is really the other side of the coin. The first being a tenant asking where they stand, the latter being an overseas landlord trying to understand the market better. There was a time when we would only advertise places for rent in the local newspaper, in lots of ways it was much easier then because the tenant wouldn’t have nearly so much choice. With the advent of the internet most tenants can now pick and choose their accommodation, so the best we can suggest for landlord advice UK is to be better informed.

No two properties are the same but it’s often down to the viewing sales techniques whether a tenant is interested or not, as they will have done their research long before being bothered to come and look. By showing the potential tenant all the attributes of the property, along with expressing what a friendly landlord or management agent you are, and how you will be able to pander to their every whim, can help your cause, but prospects will only take a house or flat based on certain criteria that is important to them.

The cost of rent can make a massive difference even to the professional market, so if you can provide similar accommodation as another landlord for less you are likely to get the tenant. Keeping your property in tip top condition with a regular maintenance program helps, so does dealing direct with the tenants so they don’t have to pay agency fees. Much depends on what kind of a landlord you want to be. With rents rising faster than inflation another long term strategy can be to promise to hold rents for three or even five years.

Always try to get landlord advice UK from specific questions.

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