Landlord Checks on Tenants

A lot of landlords ask me where do I get quality landlord checks on tenants? Whilst it can be difficult sourcing a reliable company to do this, Honestly, it is a lot harder to find the right plumber, builder or even a solicitor.

Just like any other industry, the property market is also full of con artist’s and scammers. So, please be careful whom you trust, especially when the repercussions could come back on you.

Companies you CAN trust:



Landlord Referencing Services

I have heard great things from many different landlords in many different countries about these companies. I also use them personally.

The best advice I can give, especially to new or accidental landlords; is to ensure you carry out your landlord checks on tenants the consequences of not doing this could catastrophic and could ruin you as a landlord, even before you’ve got started.

Most landlords are good-hearted people and would always lend a hand if we could, but the honest truth is there are lot of scammers and liars out there. Yes, they may have the softest most innocent voice and an incredible tale but they will scam you like they have scammed unsuspecting landlords before. So, if you don’t take anything else from this article, please carry out the landlord checks on tenants. It will save you from so much stress later on.

Even with all these checks there is no 100% confirmation, but you will feel more confident in renting to tenants that you’ve checked, as apposed to any old Joe Bloggs of the street.

They aren’t costly or time consuming and they will save you a lot of time, stress and money in the long run.

One of our clients allowed his property to be rented by a young tenant without credit checks, guarantors or references. He received the deposit and the rent in cash, which shows that something wasn’t right to begin with. He spent the last year trying to acquire all of his due rental payments, and then removing the tenants once the tenancy had ended.

As you guessed, the property was vandalized (that’s putting it mildly), the tenants acquired goods on finance and didn’t pay for them, all the utilities went unpaid and the house is now black listed as a poor credit risk.

Of course, no repercussions come back to these criminals even if the law catches up to them and they are prosecuted.

These “tenants from hell” have done this with every property they have ever had and will continue to do this, too more unsuspecting landlords. You need to safeguard yourself to protect what you have worked hard for.

Many landlords make the mistake of taking on a tenant without the necessary action, because their property has been empty for a while or because the tenant wishes to move in immediately.

You can do your own landlord checks on tenants without using a company. Make sure you request proper identification such as a passport/driving license (valid), up to date bank statements and wage slips, should easy your worry when taking on a new tenant.

We recommend using a local estate agent or website to find tenants even if they don’t handle that particular property. The average rate is around about a month’s rent for this, but you get credit check, the AST and even a secure deposit scheme.

Make sure you do your landlord checks on tenants.

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