• Friday, 25th June
  • 7pm - 9:30pm


Cheshire Property Meet (monthly landlord forum)

As a novice property investor it’s been refreshing to find a landlord forum where anyone interested in property investing can network and share ideas and experiences but without the hard sell you often find at these events. The people from PPS are knowledgeable, friendly and supportive and have helped me to galvanise my strategy where property investing is concerned. I’m looking forward to the next event.

”Stephen ”IVoxx

Macclesfield • 26th March •  7 – 10pm

Our Northwest Meetings

Bosley Farm
Bosley, Macclesfield SK11 0PS

Event Ticket • £20

RegisterAll fees go to LOL Foundation
  • No direct selling only directed networking
  • Landlord forum with off market deal opportunities
  • Experienced unbiased guidance
  • Novice and professionals welcome
  • Network with investors and sourcers
  • All proceeds to LOL Foundation Charity
  • Relaxed comfortable venue
  • Free Refreshments with online sign up

18 Warning Signs That Every Landlord Should Know

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Property Landlord: How Not To Do It

This 132 page book has 18 insightful chapters revealing some of Lionel’s mistakes in his 30 years being a landlord. Mistakes that he now helps property investors to avoid.

The Problem With Landlord Forum Property Events

Sound investments in property are confused by the plethora of information and people selling events and courses that they attend and then become disheartened as they were never right for them in the first place.

The Solution: A Landlord Forum That Connects Experience, Investors and Property News

Cheshire Property Meet is a friendly and relaxing landlord forum to get valuable advice, support and practical help. It’s about getting guidance from a group of professionals that have made the mistakes and can, therefore, save you time and money by working with you or direct you to the people that would assist you according to your individual circumstances.

The money you will waste on learning the wrong things could be used to start your investments. The time you save can be spent doing what you enjoy most and the stress you save will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

That’s what Cheshire Property Meet is all about. A landlord forum that connects experiences, investors and the latest property deals and news so you can live the life you choose.

Property Investment Seminars (FREE)

Be amongst a select group of individuals for our unique experience to gain insight into successful property investment strategies from some of the most successful and experienced individuals in the business. There will be a chance to meet some of the team and our membership will be explained in more detail. There will also be a guest speaker  to give a talk on property portfolio building strategy

You can find out more about the knowledge and expertise we shared at our previous events