Landlord Rights UK

The simple fact you have to learn as a property investor is that when it comes to a problem the landlord rights UK are with the tenant not you. There has been a massive increase in people renting their properties which means there has been an increase in the number of people investing in the property which they rent. There’s only ever a problem, when there’s a problem and it’s the responsibility of the landlord or their agent to sort it out.

The first essential is to pick your tenants so the problems don’t occur. It sounds obvious but so many of us make the same mistakes and don’t do the checks thoroughly enough. By checking prospective tenant’s credit rating, employment status and getting references we reduce our risk. Making an inventory may give you some protection against damage that might happen during the tenancy and there are now independent companies doing just this.

You have to know your landlord rights UK because even though you do everything right you can still end up being had over to serial rent skivers as they get more and more capable of being plausible. You must have an AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) in place but the situation is that if you let your property to someone who doesn’t pay the rent; it is you as landlord that suffers. Always get your tenants to pay their rent by standing order so you can see all the sooner if it’s been paid or not. One of the landlord rights UK is to serve an eviction notice to any tenant who has not paid rent for a set period however there are strict procedures to be followed particularly if you hope to reclaim any unpaid rent.

Under landlord right UK you are also allowed to increase the rent periodically but it should be laid down within the AST or you might have to wait for the term to end, the rise has to be reasonable. Whilst the tenant is obliged to stick to the terms of the AST it is usual for the landlord to make repairs however they might have been caused. There could be problems where pets have been kept especially if your tenancy doesn’t allow it; here you may have a justifiable claim against their deposit. Tenants have a level of responsibility too, but as a property investor it’s sometimes easier to put things right, than it is to have the hassle with a tenant to get recompense for damage.

There tends to be more things you can’t do as a landlord than things you can. Every case and situation is different and we would advise getting advice if there is anything you are in doubt over. What most investors want are long term tenants that make their life easy and with some aforethought they can be found. There are certain questions that you can ask to get a good idea of their ability to be good for you. Asking the same question in different ways often gives some tell-tale signs of what might be. Don’t pay tenants an impromptu visit or harass them. Don’t assume because you own a property that you can enter it at will. Don’t think that the law will be on your side because usually it won’t be. A lot comes with experience but if you need assistance we’re always happy help anyone, anyway we can.

Always do things the “landlord rights UK” way to get the right results.

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