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You have to love sourcing property and doing the deals to be a confident property investor. As yesterday was Valentine’s Day it gave opportunity to reflect on what we love and why. The day before yesterday a deal potentially went sour which my partner and I had put a lot of effort into. We had also paid the vendor a substantial amount of money and created the best deal he could possibly hope for. Foolishly he spoke to a solicitor who turned him against us because he couldn’t see the overall long term value in what we were doing for him. He is now likely to lose over £150,000 on his property by working with another company that we consider are actually doing an illegal practice. We have tried to explain to him the error of his ways but without his trust in us it is unlikely to go to fruition now. We had actually loved doing the deal and put our hearts and soul into making it a winning deal for all concerned. Sourcing property and completing deals are completely a numbers game and only a small percentage come through. Were we not to love sourcing property that one deal alone could have turned us off property investing altogether.

The same day I met with a lady who has had major financial problems over the last three years. Through sourcing property the old fashioned way by word of mouth, we first met with her when her troubles were far more manageable. We gave her a simple seven point plan to follow to sort out her problems without our help. She chose not to do that and came back later with bigger debts. Again we offered her an opportunity to be able to take money out of her house, sort her money problems and still retain part ownership with regular income. Once more she chose not to take our suggestions. Her love of herself was not as congruent as our love of her best hope for her and her home. This time she came to us, we were unable to offer any solution other than for her to sell the property on the open market, pay off her debts and end up with nothing. Sourcing property and trying to help people overcome their problems can become a tiring exercise and unless you love sourcing property and really want to help others without taking it to heart when people don’t listen or worse still turn against you, then direct property investing may not be for you.

Of course people like us can do the work for you and build a property portfolio to your particular requirements so you have none of the downsides. In terms of time and reward it can be financially astute to do so and few of us really like being thought of as villains. The truth of the matter is, that if you give kindness and compassion, you seek understanding and compromise you receive the love and happiness you deserve. You could easily be accused of greed simply by wanting to help others out of a situation they have got themselves into. Without that love of property sourcing a couple of knock backs could ruin what potentially has the opportunity of fulfilling on-going relationships and creating a wealthy business. Providing your conscience is clear that you have tried to help where possible the best way you could, then there should be no doubt in your mind that you can go on however hard it gets. Let the feelings you have for your loved ones drive you to work with others with the same intention that you want the best for them.

Working directly with the public is fraught with difficulty and the experience brings about a sense of displacement that you have to accept there are those companies and individuals that will always put themselves first whilst appearing to be doing more. The sad reality of life is that love is lacking in most businesses and particular in property as the rewards for being crooked can be enormous. We hold our heads high when sourcing property and are looking more to find individuals who hold the same regards as us to work with. Recently we have been looking at making properties EMF friendly. The growing concern over the increasing numbers of illnesses, particularly cancers and tumours have led us to investigate Electro Magnetic Fields and the problems they potentially cause. Many things within and outside the ordinary home can cause serious health issues and the awareness of these problems should be high on everyone’s list of priorities as health is our biggest wealth.

We love sourcing property for our clients and as we have direct connections to many institutions through our associates we don’t get worried about the little deals for the general public. It seems a shame though that the people who need us most don’t realise how foolish they are to themselves and often refuse to be helped. Sourcing property can be a thankless job so look to the bigger picture and your own love of life to help those who you can along the way.

Always love what you do and don’t let others spoil your intentions.

Written by:
Lionel Palatine – He is a regular networker and a speaker at events as well as being a property author and adviser. He joint ventures deals and shows people how to buy property for low cost which are inclusive of all fees and deposits.

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