Spending five days out of the last week on free events in London might seem like a waste of time for a property business based in the North, particularly as only one day of that was at a property event. The truth however is very different. All free business events are only a means to sell something but they do seem to attract a certain type of person that is searching to improve their lot, better themselves or hoping to get something going like their own business. For someone who knows how to network these rooms can be full of every person we want to connect with to help our business succeed. In fact I’d go as far as to say the free events are better than the ones we pay for simply because they generally have a larger uptake. For instance thirteen attended the Saturday property event at nearly £200 a pop where around 200 attended the Sunday event that was free. Stranger still, the people that had paid expected to get something from the learning more than they could potentially have got from the networking, it simply doesn’t work that way though.

Your network is your net worth is the saying you will hear banded about all over the place. It really is true though, when you know the people to work with and to go to, you stand a much better chance of achieving something worthwhile. Chances are without contacts you’ll never reach your goals as we each need others to create what we want. Either I’m getting better at networking or the people at these events are improving because I can usually find opportunity with every connection nowadays. We really have to value everyone we come into contact with; you just never know how they may be able to affect your life. It’s said a man’s character is his guardian divinity and the value of a man’s character can be assessed by the way he speaks to those who do not serve him. In other words, if you treat everyone with kindness, respect and joy good thing will come your way.

Some people take liberties though. We connected one associate to another for them to come back and suggest that they make fifty per cent out of every sale simply for them passing deals from them to us from our connection. We want to build a team of agents we can be proud of presenting opportunities to investors they will be happy with not adding costs to make everything more expensive. Some people just don’t realise the value of connections. At one event I heard a chap asking for exactly what I provide and yet I’d already told him earlier so he obviously wasn’t listening well. Last night’s event was very well attended but again people either don’t understand the benefits on offer or are so entangled in their own thinking that they can’t listen. Networking has to be a two way street, you have to listen as much if not more than you speak for both parties to glean value.

We can have the finest resources at our fingertips and not realise it. Many businesses have failed do to the inability to evaluate and select the right people. Opportunities fall by the way side because people are not susceptible to or aware of what’s actually going on around them. Every business has to come from a secure base of making money before it can move forward. Once there is the stability created by the cash the systems can be leveraged to achieve more. People not only pursue pleasure but also run away from pain. Sometimes you can’t give away information; people have to be able to understand. No one can be taught anything unless they are willing to listen. Feeling things might be the truth but seeing is believing and without realising it people can be seen to self-sabotage themselves before they succeed to any great degree.

It’s encouraging to hear of people doing well in any sphere and the property game is rife with people making good money by following simple systems. Accomplishing our goals needs other people to take over the more mundane jobs to allow us to earn more by using our time more effectively. What we don’t want to create is a job of work from our property endeavours as life needs to have the fun element or we may as well have a job. To create massive results we need to tie in all the elements of a team and where is better to build the best team other than your network.

Always try to increase your networking skills.

Written by:
Lionel Palatine – He is a regular networker and a speaker at events as well as being a property author and adviser. He joint ventures deals and shows people how to buy property for low cost which are inclusive of all fees and deposits.

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