New Year Clear out

The world of de-cluttering is a funny place where you find all kinds of memories of things that once seemed so important but as time moves on their value is diminished by the multitude of physical, emotional and spiritual objects that come into your life. It’s one thing to empty your household drawers and cupboards but when you look at your business interests you really have to be hard and appreciate what works and what doesn’t and that can mean people as well. Sometimes less is more as the clutter will fill our lives to the point of being overbearing. What we fail to realise very often is the scale of what we want is far less than the perception of what we think we want.

When we just want what we have, we are content, when we want more we are unsatisfied. So many of us strive to make more, when we really don’t appreciate what we already have. This is not conducive to good health as the more we have the more we have to manage and unless we have the systems and the people in place to control everything it is us as managers that feel the strain and pay the price often with our health. Anxiety over the future spoils enjoyment of the present and before we know it we’re too old to enjoy what we should have taken the time to appreciate years before.

So how does this relate to a property business? Well the first step is just that, treating you portfolio as a business that is going to consume your time and energy. Do you have the right attitude to risk and reward? There is no venture of any sort without them. Picking up a property from a distressed buyer recently was full of emotion from her side as it had been her family home that had turned into a virtual prison. Space clearing that same house and moving it to a tenant buyer has set up a whole lot of new emotions of apprehension and doubt for the buyer. We as managers and business owners have to be able to detach our emotions from the properties and help the people we work with to look at achieving the best solution all round.

Best solutions for ourselves may mean doing less work so we have more time to enjoy our life. However, if you love your work it is your life and you only want to do that. Change is a constant and we should readily adapt to what we create but we have to want what is good for all, not be greedy, not be thoughtless and not be so blinkered by our goals that we lose the ethics of what is right. Over the last year I found more people who did not want to help others as they were merely concerned with their own greed. I don’t want to work on that basis and this year again we will attempt to help those who need it most without concern for the time and effort involved. Doing right by others is far more important than impressing people.

Always look to be responsible for others concerns before your own.

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