Powerful Decisions


Well it looks like this week could work out very worthwhile with our third deal potentially being agreed this afternoon. On Monday it was doubtful whether a sale would go through when a surveyors report down valued one of our properties and the vendor wanted even more off the price to pay for repairs which in our opinion weren’t valid. When we refused to reduce the full amount but meet half way, the purchaser agreed immediately and the sale was all systems go again. Sometimes it’s better to be flexible rather than lose time and money going round in circles. Wednesday had us sign up a tenant buyer who was pleased to get the deal which allowed him to buy a property without all the expensive up-front costs. Now here we are on Friday and we are due to purchase a great deal from an old chap who wants to spend the money he has tied up in his house and enjoy it rather than let it go to the tax man when he dies.

Three deals a week is a good target to maintain. It rarely runs so smoothly in reality and a couple that should have completed got held up by the banks. One a property in repossession where the bank verbally agreed that it could be sold on, but have been slow in putting that in writing. The other in the final stage of purchase held up by a silly documentary requirement. It’s a very different matter when banks want our money than it is to us getting a mortgage through, that’s a sign of the times. Service is not a strong point in the sector any more. Still it all boils down to being able to make the decisions to get the deals going and whether they complete this week or next is not really as important as the fact that they do complete and money flows. Making decisions over property can be quite daunting for the novice investor. There is a lot at stake and getting the sums right is vital.

There is a power in decision making that can make all the difference to any business. Being able to see something in black and white can bring about wealth as opposed to financial ruin. Few realise that the true power of decision making is able to change our lives in an instant. Once a decision is made what stems out of that decision can be the difference between feast or famine especially in regards to property when twenty years down the line a valuable house or flat could be worth two or three time what we pay for it. A property purchase decision is so much more though as it encompasses a commitment to achieve a goal. Strangely the commitment can be far easier than the initial decision. Those people who make decisions slowly surprisingly change their mind frequently, whereas those of us who realize the importance of what we decide in making our future commit readily and don’t really regret it.

There are many important lessons to be learnt in decision making. The more we make the better we become at making them. We have to learn from the choices we make and improve our opportunities by analysing what is good and bad about the decisions we have made. Once made we have to stay committed to that decision so that it has time to mature but we must maintain a flexible approach so that in time we can see the benefits of what we have chosen. When we realise it’s our decisions and not our background that makes us who we are we can make decisions more rationally and really enjoy making them in the knowledge that they should be moving us towards our chosen goal. Providing we learn from our mistakes we should be able to create the wealth we set our minds to achieving by making the right decisions.

Many of us can be our own worst enemy particularly where property and wealth is concerned. We really need to see the benefits of what we do and what money can bring about before making a decision based on negative thinking. So many people have said how this is the worse time to get involved in property but the reality is very different in so much as this is in fact one of the best times as prices are so low, interest rates so low, new builds so low and rents achievable so high. It seems strange to professional investors that so many diverse opinions come through the media from people who really don’t know what they are talking about. The reality of this situation is that the rich decision makers can get richer quite easily whilst the people who think they are doing right get poorer. We have to see the new technologies available to us as a new means of making better decisions faster. All wealth begins with the right thinking and using the tools at our disposal to enable our positive thinking can be a great step forward in our wealth programming. Focussing our attention on what we want not what we don’t want is the only way for those people who want to succeed.

Always be ready to make the decisions that make the money.

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