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Last week we spoke about some of the sell your house fast scams that are so prevalent in the market today. It’s important to realise that there are many good property buying companies too that are genuinely interested in helping people get out of their financial mess. It’s possibly a good clue that property buying companies as opposed to individuals are more likely to be genuine but you just don’t know without researching their business. One such business we came across recently, was just one man with several businesses that he would use as a front to get money out of unsuspecting people, on the basis of selling them a rental property on which they had to give him a deposit. We found out that he had taken at least four deposits against the same property and when confronted threatened violence even though one of his victims was a single mother. He probably didn’t even own the house he was advertising as he had also worked a number of sell your house fast scams, on people desperate to move, by taking money off them to supposedly renovate and sell the houses on their behalf. Unfortunately the property world is full of liars, cheats and smooth talking slime balls. The good get tarnished by the people who offer desperate folk a way out of their problems without them realising they are getting into deeper trouble. Incredible how some people have no morals or scruples!


We’ve recently had a brochure sent to us to advertise a property overseas only to find that the photographs weren’t even of the place they wanted us to promote. In a situation like this a customer would have the benefit of working through property buying companies as another line of defence against the rogues. In another situation we have been trying to redeem a refund for a deposit put on a property over a year ago without success, we know not to work with those property buying companies again who do not rectify problems or repay funds promptly and would ensure that our own clients steer well clear of them. There are regular reports coming up on many discussion sites of sell your house fast scams and we always suggest there is no real alternative for a client than to do their own due diligence on every property they are interested in. Whatever your own property investment strategy, it will benefit from buying property at the right price, and it can be that chance of an opportunity that can make so many people become poor and disillusioned by their own actions. What few people realise is that there are trustworthy companies out there that can do the whole job for you with the minimum of risk as the purchase money never actually goes to them, they only get a fee. Working on a fee per deal basis is a good way of working which we advocate providing the money goes via a solicitor, not that all of those can be trusted either.


A lot of people would have done better if they had protected their wealth rather than trying to create more. Sometimes it can be worth looking at your expenditure and what you want to create as a lifestyle rather than chasing money. There are many people who have built portfolios without realising they would have been better off with fewer properties that were working right, rather than more properties that they had difficulty in managing and ultimately couldn’t afford to keep. Daily we are getting portfolios coming in that have cost people everything and they are now being sold off at a fraction of their true value. As always, one man’s loss is another man’s gain, but it always seems to be the most genuine of people who simply don’t understand how to have balance in their life and it often extends to their physique, their relationships and even their health as they take it to heart when they lose their hard earned cash. We always say there is nothing guaranteed in life but one of the things you could probably stake a lot of money on is that no matter how much you think you can trust a property professional the chances are you’ll be let down and disappointed in everyone from your estate agent to your mortgage broker, from your builder to your solicitor if you don’t take advice from someone who has already been there and done it.


On this thinking we recently set up our own networking type of event. Most property networks are full of people wanting something; many of them with encouragement would be willing to share their knowledge without the fees. What’s the point of paying to learn a strategy you either won’t ever use or you could have found from a book in ten minutes? We like to do things differently and PPS are creating a monthly event more like a social occasion, where everyone gets introduced to everyone else and those who have the experience help those who want the knowledge for no other reason than because they want to. We think it’s a much nicer way of working, and anybody that is suspected of anything underhand can answer to the group. By talking out property problems within a group setting we can actually get a more varied response from the floor than anyone could ever get from a coach, so called guru or the most professional investor alone. We had a forerunner evening last month in our offices that went down really well, so this month we’re holding it at a wonderful social setting in a designer country barn type venue that will inspire people to want to become regular attendees. No one will need to make awkward introductions to people they don’t know because we will introduce everyone personally. There may be property buying companies there but we’ll make sure there’s ethical thinking and no sell your house fast scams amongst them.

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Always get inspired by collective thought, discussion and reasoning.

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