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I’m writing this from the lobby of the Amora Hotel in Phuket, I’m on holiday for the third time this year whilst other people look after my properties. One of the main benefits of owning property is the freedom it can bring to your life and finances by in effect being a business that doesn’t require you to work in it after the initial set up. Dependent on how much money you need to cover your living expenses, once you have achieved enough to pay for everything on a monthly basis the remainder can be used to create the lifestyle you want.

With many people taking redundancy pay-outs they look to buy a business such as a franchise without the realisation that they will have to work in that business on a daily basis. When you have a lump of money there are property business opportunities where you can work as much or as little as you desire. So many people are given the wrong information in the early days of their property business that it’s surprizing if they ever manage to get over the first year or two.

Many people are in better position than they realise and when they get involved in a business that has no asset base their funds can easily drift away. Having money in property will usually give you something to fall back on even if it’s hard to capitalize. Many people especially accidental landlords don’t even see property ownership as a business but that’s what it should be treated as although when you have the experience it could be considered freeness rather than business.

The word business possibly comes from the fact that you are always busy as in most businesses there are never enough hours to do everything as it needs to be an increasing enterprise. Property too can be a growing business or it can get to a certain point that is sufficient for your needs, combined with ease of management to give you the time for your life passion. This is when it becomes freeness, to allow you to do what you want, however, many people miss this point and try too hard and don’t have the foresight to stop whilst they are ahead.

Western world materialism has a lot to answer for as many young people see the flash car, the big house or the yacht as the answer to their desires; these are only ego toys and will never suffice any yearning. The novelty soon wears off being loud and brash and real value comes from what we can do for others. Being a landlord or property investor is already supplying a service, often to those who need it most. How much better is it though if you can leave a legacy from what helps people to help even more people. Essentially we are all the same, but we are certainly not all born with the same privileges, opportunities or insight. By being free of our business we can use the time more effectively to bring about our own sense of self-worth not self-gratification.

Freedom can mean different things to different people. Anything that can bring it about has to be revered and property is potentially one of the best ways provided you judge everything with common sense. There is a Buddhist saying on my office wall that says, ‘Believe nothing you see, nothing you hear and nothing you read unless it agrees with your common sense’. Few of us actually have enough realisations of the mistakes we make until it is too late and the goals we have set have been damaged by our own inexperience, naivety or confusion.

We have clients across the spectrum, some putting together multi million pound deals and newbies starting out looking to pick up their first lease option. We don’t make money from charging anyone for advice, education or help to find their individual freedom road; we only expect to make money from doing the actual deals. We know of no other business that works the way we do and our new series of seminars will be very different too. How many events have you been to and how many speakers have you heard?

How many of their strategies have you taken up? Most inexperienced people need some hand holding and most experienced people love to give the value of their learning. In our opinion if you have to pay for advice you need to make sure you get a tenfold return on every penny spent.

The world is now full of coaches, trainers and mentors. Even the top people such as Robbins, DeMartini and Ecker only teach you to be stronger, more confident and resilient; they don’t really help you directly. How can you tell the calibre of your teacher? Of course there are good ones who will put you on the right road to success but more and more we see people led astray into areas they should never have got involved with, on some crazy pipe dream that could never come true.

We’ve recently helped one such young man that had spent an inordinate amount on ‘coaching’ only to find that he would have got it for nothing from us and could have put the money he spent towards building his property portfolio to further his dreams of financial freedom. Each property advisor or consultant should really have experience and credentials that you can see and appreciate. They should be able to tell you where they are on their own personal journey, and if they aren’t at the stage of helping people by other means than coaching it’s time to think twice about how good they will be for you.

One of our female clients reported getting a long term mentor for free recently and I was the first to congratulate her. They are out there if only you are willing to seek them. Property people who have to charge for their time simply aren’t making enough money from their properties. Why would you want to be advised by them?

Always seek advice from people who are in freeness not business.

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