Lionel Palatine

Lionel HeadshotWelcome. My name is Lionel Palatine.

I am a Property Investment Consultant, an Author, Writer and somebody who genuinely loves helping people. I began my property investing journey back in 1981 after already having five years’ experience in the building trade. Palatine Property Solutions was formed to show people the endless benefits of property investing and to offer a solution to everybody’s property related issues.

I am a great believer in helping and in giving whatever I can to people less fortunate than myself. I think that connecting and helping others is the most important aspect of any successful business and of life. When we help just two people a day and they each help two people a day; charity and goodness spreads far and wide.

18 Warning Signs That Every Landlord Should Know

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Property Landlord: How Not To Do It

This 132 page book has 18 insightful chapters revealing some of Lionel’s mistakes in his 30 years being a landlord. Mistakes that he helps property investors to avoid as a property investment consultant.