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So what is the property investor news at the moment? Well we could say that this is the best time to buy property that anyone has known in living memory. On the other hand we could look at it terms of the economies of Britain, Europe and the World generally have so over leveraged their borrowings that there will be no chance to get out of the debt mountain it has built and all the major economies are close to collapse. In this case we could hold back for a better deal in the coming months. Of course you wouldn’t be able to get a mortgage at all when the paper money is worth more as wallpaper than as a medium of exchange but if you like to wait so be it. When that time comes and if figures are to be believed it might not be far off, the only medium of currency will be precious items like gold, silver and diamonds. The real property investor news is that if you don’t have a store of precious materials or stop procrastinating and make some deals happen you’ll miss the boat and forever have regrets – not a good place to be.

There isn’t enough value in money to put right the problems that the last forty years of political craziness has brought about so no matter what you’re thinking on the future, the past will determine how much wealth you will have to live off in your old age. Many people thought they would be better off abroad and for some particularly retired people, that has been the best alternative but if you still have to earn a living the property investor news is loud and clear that if you don’t invest this year you may never invest as the big boys will take all the property. You can read as many newspapers, watch as many television programs and listen to as many gurus as you like, but you won’t change the facts that we as a nation and Europe as a continent is totally broke. It’ll take more than this soft Government to fix what mess we’re in now. Without our own financial planning to see us through the next decade we will get poorer and our children and their children will get poorer. Act now this very day, week and month to make some headway towards creating lasting wealth for your family or the future looks very bleak.

One piece of good property investor news and one of the beauties of property investing, especially if you use financial planning properly, is that it not only becomes a pension for you, but you can pass it on to your children and their children to secure them a good way of life. The vast majority of us are sadly lacking in monetary skills and that includes planning for after our death. Around 80% of people don’t even make a will, the Government love that of course as it boosts their coffers so they can waste it all over again. Most people’s tiny pension pot isn’t enough to buy them an annual holiday when it’s turned into an annuity. That’s assuming they actually get to an age when they can draw it, a large portion of people never get that old as the stresses of life kills them off too soon. We all have the power to control how we think, how we feel and what we do. There can be an attitude of not even being willing to try to make life better and rely on the Government, the World or the Divine to bring us everything we need. Well that might suit some people but I for one like to be in control of my own destiny. Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing and what you reference to help you move forward. We’re running a seminar this month to help savvy people do it right so their future is likely to be a bit better for them and their loved ones. It’s free to come along at

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The last piece of property investor news is that those who make their move now will be able to be proud of their achievements and won’t be held to ransom by the nanny state which won’t allow you to do the very things you want to do. The way we interpret what we hear and the way we organise our learning will clearly determine our beliefs which will make us do the actions which will bring about our destiny. The key to earning more income is the ability to create wealth not just work more.

The way to create wealth is to become valuable to someone or provide something that adds value to people’s lives. There is little more value you can give to anyone than providing them a home to live in. When you look at creating your own wealth in terms of creating a service to help others it should increase the quality of your life too.

Always see the value of the property investor’s news.

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Lionel Palatine – He is a regular networker and a speaker at events as well as being a property author and adviser. He joint ventures deals and shows people how to buy property for low cost which are inclusive of all fees and deposits.

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