What is Property Portfolio Building?

A property portfolio is a collection of investment properties that is owned by an individual, group or a company. These then are then rented out to tenants and a positive monthly cash flow is generated. Another benefit of building a property portfolio is long term capital growth. Over the years inflation devalues the value of currency in real terms whilst increasing the value of a property portfolio investment.

Whether you are a seasoned investor (we use the term investor as someone who does not intend to reside in the property) or a novice investor who needs guidance, we can help you build a property investment portfolio that can generate residual passive income with monthly positive cash flow and deliver potential capital growth over the medium to long term.

Our Property Portfolio Building Service

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Our property portfolio building service has been created by some of the most experienced property professionals and management teams in Britain. The opportunity is only available by personal invitation for investors that wish to make property a key factor in their future wealth planning.

Collectively, our team has traded over 8,000 properties.

Palatine Property Solutions offers individuals a fully managed property portfolio building service; the typical client would have adequate resources but limited time and wish to gain from property investing, without the need to be involved in the day-to-day running of a business. With quarterly client reviews of the total value and regular refinancing of the complete package; a single sum of £25,000 can produce an extraordinary return by using the best true property discounts, presently available in today’s housing market.

Initially, the prospective investor will be offered an informal free one to one consultation.

This is where we sit down and go over the services Palatine Property Solutions can actually offer and give the client examples of our success. A free business plan can then be drawn up, before the client moves on to a membership application. To verify a client’s position, a full due diligence interview will be carried out by one of the directors. This will be a financial review based upon current assets and future expectations. This will also include a summary of attitude towards risk and return of investments generally.

Only when a client is deemed a potential long-term investor, will an offer of  membership be made. This is on a strictly restricted number basis to ensure that all clients receive hands on management and a guarantee that their investment plan is adhered too.

The Buy to Let Property Market

The world economy thrives on investment and the uncertainty of today’s markets has created even better opportunities for the discerning investor to potentially make more money than ever before in the property market.

Too many property/investment companies offer Below Market Value (BMV) deals based on discounts from projected values, historic values or even fictitious vales. These are not a true discount but assumed figures.  Fake discounts are being offered on hard to move properties.

A true discount is a percentage off a current lenders Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors (RICS) valuation report of today’s market value, no other calculation can even be offered as an alternative.

It’s only a discount if the particular property could be sold in today’s market for the RICS valuation; this then demonstrates a genuine investment opportunity.

For this reason we have decided to create a genuine members only property portfolio building service.

Our Approach

We aim to provide a high level service with benefits not currently being offered anywhere in the UK. We deal with all aspects of the ongoing management of your portfolio; we also work around your busy schedules and are available outside off regular office hours.

Our experienced finance team have a range of options available to help investors access the funding required to support your expanding property investment portfolio requirements.


Here are several reasons why building a property portfolio or using a company such as us to build a property portfolio for you is the best way of maximising your money and reaching financial security.

  • The price of properties in Britain has doubled every decade since the property market was first established. Even in 2009, after the dive from the last couple of years; those who bought property at the end of 1999 are still seeing their property worth double the price they paid.
  • Your property portfolio is fully managed, designed around you and we work on a completely hands off basis; so you can have the freedom of living your life without the stress of managing property. All this is offered exclusively to our members; non-members are not eligible for a property portfolio build.
  • Profits from your property portfolio are not drastically reduced by management costs like all pension funds are. (This can be up to 30-40% of the money you pay into (pcm) a stock market pension scheme.) You know exactly what you are spending and exactly what you have bought with that money. Management fees are explained fully to you before you agree on anything and this is a one-time payment which does not affect any part of our portfolio building service. You will also have your very own property consultant whom is there for your every need.
  • The running costs of your properties are maintained by the income from your tenants, your monthly outgoings are much less than paying premiums into a stock market pension.
  • There has been a massive drop in the amount of new homeowners, mortgage approvals and rental housing meaning that for the foreseeable future your properties will have a steady supply of tenants. The buy to let market is one of the most lucrative industries in 2013.
  • When we eventually sell your properties, all the profit comes direct to you and stays there; it is not kept in a company bank account where you can’t get to it and it is not dripped out to you in small amounts each year.
  • Property is the most valuable asset you will ever own; it doesn’t suffer from inflation such as currency, it can’t be stolen and it will always have value no matter what happen.

If you would like to talk informally to one of the team about your investment requirements in more detail or would like to find out about property investment opportunities currently available:

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