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Low cost purchasing isn’t just about buying BMV Properties (Below Market Value), it’s also about the way you buy. Obviously, getting the largest possible discount is the best way to start out, but every pound counts and having the right system in place to buy with can save a considerable amount.

Every pound of purchase with a mortgage can cost two or three pounds to be paid back across the lifetime of the mortgage repayments. Admittedly, inflation reduces the value of currency over time, but savings made early on are better than any investments. Adding administration and finance costs to the total just makes it more expensive so the real cost of a mortgage can be far more than we envisage. For this reason it’s always best to work with a team that you can rely on to charge a fair price for legal fees, finance and disbursements.

Where we come in

Our team of highly experienced professionals are able to help you every step of the way. If we raise money through bridging finance for any part of a property purchase, we have to make sure that firstly, the finance is fairly charged and secondly, its charged for the least amount of time thereby saving you (the purchaser) the most by costing the least. Bridging finance is notoriously the most expensive way to borrow and should only be seen as a short term arrangement. It can be cheaper than credit card borrowing but if the lending is for deposit or renovation cost a strict repayment schedule and exit strategy is required. Having the right power team behind you to save you money is critical. Mortgage broker, Bridging Financier, Surveyor, Accountant, Tax Adviser  Solicitor, Builder and Letting Agent all need to be paid; so make sure you know how to spend the least to buy with confidence that you will make the most out of every property. Structuring your finance so your property purchase cost you the least to buy means you can buy more properties for your money.

Getting you on the property ladder

Essentially we work with clients to help them buy property. We are all experienced landlords and have over thirty five years knowledge between us. We joint venture with clients on individual deals as well as show them how to buy for under £10,000. This is great to get a foot on the ladder; this is often of interest to people who want to get started in the property industry.

The huge deposits required by lenders are preventing people from taking the first step onto the property ladder. We are highly experienced in using structured finance to package a property purchase thus helping individuals buy property without the strain of having to find a large deposit. We have helped many people to buy property this way and assisted others to spread the money they would have used on a traditional deposit enabling them to purchase two or even three properties using the same funds!
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