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As we start November there may well be a lull in property sales and activity as people gear up for Christmas whether they realise they are doing it or not. Something else of lot of British families may not realise is how much the next few months will cost them as they stack their credit cards to buy gifts they can’t afford to give away, often to people they don’t even like who may not ever appreciate them. What this will mean particularly for many working class families, is that next March when their statements become combined with their mortgage arrears they’ll be typing into their computers how can I sell my house fast?  It’s inevitable that when people fall behind with payments they worry, panic and look to get out of the mess the only way they can think of, by selling their homes which is in fact their most valuable asset. People have to be careful whatever they do financially these days but there are an enormous amount of unscrupulous people in property because the stakes are so big. The initial offer may be unfair but when people are vulnerable they can accept anything that they think will help them only to find out at the last minute that the offer will be further reduced. Many quick house sale reviews show that the buyers aren’t even buyers at all and will only pass your property to a third party for a commission. By them acting as a middle man the likelihood of a buyer actually giving a cash or quick deal is limited. Our advice, whenever anybody asks how can I sell my house fast, is that they get all the particulars of the person or organisation that is making a proposal and that everything should be absolutely clear and upfront particularly the price they will receive.


In the news at the moment are three companies being investigated for doing fast house sale scams and paying the owners far less than they could have reasonably expected to get on the open market. Any company that deals with people at their financially weakest point needs to be open and fair. Possibly one of the worse ways of trading is expecting customers to sign up to exclusivity contracts that carry large severance penalties. Some claim to be able to make sales within seven days which if you know how solicitors work is an over exaggeration to say the least. When you have money troubles, selling your most valuable asset for less than it’s worth might not be a good idea. Regrettably there always those who will exploit the vulnerable who really should explore whether a speedy house sale is the best option for them. There are companies like us that offer to look into their problems and see if alternatives can be found. Sometimes being stringent can safeguard value and potential sellers should certainly check the credentials of anyone. Neither should they proceed until they understand the details of how the property is being valued or accept verbal promises of what the buyer will do. Independent advice is always available through the Citizens Advice Bureau but sellers also need to be honest and upfront when answering potential purchaser’s questions.


There are of course many responsible companies and individuals offering a valuable service to consumers who need a fast sale but they can potentially lose a lot of money from those simple words asking how can I sell my house fast. In this current market there should be no reason for anyone to sell their house for less than twenty per cent discount off a Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) valuation. It should never be done without a proper and formal contract and an assurance that the cash is available and there is not going to be any further negotiation on price. Sellers need to explore all their options before taking a loss on their home. Talking to lenders may bring about a better result whereby payments could be spread or they may offer a payment holiday or move to another type of loan like an interest only as they don’t want the cost of repossession any more than the homeowner. Not everyone looking to sell fast is in financial trouble either. Some may be relocating for work or family and they should be considering renting out their property as they might find it difficult to get back on the housing ladder later on. Divorce is a major reason why properties are needed to be sold quickly and again become subject to the fast house sale scams. The lack of communication between a couple can cost many thousands of pounds where companies like us can negotiate with both parties independently to get the best deal.


Yet again one of the biggest and best missed opportunities, particularly where there is equity in the property for a quick house sale is to auction the property. Once the auctioneers gavel falls on a price the bidder is legally contracted to buy your house and usually with cleared funds within twenty eight days of the sale. Before the sale day you will be able to set a reserve figure on the property and really should have had a valuation completed. There may be upfront charges that the auction house will expect like advertising costs and of course there will be a commission to be paid on the sale. There is also a risk to auction selling like everything, whereby the bidders determine what the best price on the day will be, but auctions can be a really sensible alternative for those who have to sell. We aim to advise all our clients on the best way to help them in their personal situation by working with an ethical ethos to create a win/win situation for all concerned.


Always look at the alternatives before agreeing any property sale

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