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Every vendor wants to sell their property without any fuss or hassle and there were days when often the first person to see your house would be the one most likely to buy it. That was because most people were buying for themselves, for their own home to live in. Nowadays with so many people singing the praises of making money through property and even television programmes pretending it’s an easy feat, everyone with a few quid spare seems to think they can do it. The reality is often very different from the dream and anyone that has attended an auction will know how the hall can be full of people who look like they want to buy without any money and those who look like they have no money that are really there to buy. There is no doubt you can sell places through quick sale property auctions without any guilt but just what is being sold and what you are buying may not be what you expect. Strange as it may seem there are people picking up properties from Estate Agents, boarding them up just to make them look interesting and selling them on through auctions for more than they paid the traditional route. There’s one born every minute and if you want to see half a room full of them head down to your local quick sale property auctions house for some education. I’m not suggesting that every deal is a lemon by any means but individual houses and flats that are in auctions are there for a reason, and that’s not often the reason you suspect.


Selling property at auction can be a good way of earning money for some savvy dealers but there are also good deals to be had. Even the auction houses themselves don’t really play fair with the unsuspecting cash rich buyer. Whatever the guide price is, certainly isn’t the selling price or even the reserve which is often much higher. The guide price is usually a marketing ploy to get the unsuspecting interested, they are the same people who often get carried away when another fool and the auctioneer get involved. Sometimes it can be the auctioneer alone that ups the ante waving his gavel at the vendor, his friend or even the wall. Not that I would want to cast aspersions on auctioneers par say but every business has it’s reputable people and its rogues, unfortunately property could be one of the worse simply because the stakes are so big. Quick sale property auctions do make money and several million pounds worth of property can move in minutes. There’s usually a twenty eight day completion date and the ten per cent deposit on the fall of the gavel is gone if you haven’t organized your finance in time. Yes there are bargains to be had and usually when selling property at auction there will be the one gem that will make a load of money for the purchaser at the seller’s expense.


The astute buyer knows the unwritten rules of the auction house and realises that properties are just like buses with another one along very soon. The savvy buyer gets to be able to read the auctioneer by seeing him sell many times before ever entering a bid. The wise buyer only ever bids on property that he has thoroughly researched before the sale so he knows that there are no unknown troubles like structural defects, no legal problems and no hidden reasons why it’s being sold through the quick sale property auctions in the first place. It might be disheartening to miss a real bargain but it will be even worse to buy a property that will cause you long term stress by costing you more than you ever imagined, filling your life with regret and effectively turning you off the real opportunities that do exist. Following the crowd is never a good idea, there is so much foreign money propping up the British property market particularly in London and the South generally, that most ordinary people are being fooled into the loss of their wealth rather than appreciating what they have. Trying to make more can sometimes be fatal to what you already have when often you do not use your resources correctly and think about how well off you really are. So many of us grasp for more thinking it will make us happy when the reality of life is such that less is often more and the attachment to anything is potentially damaging.


We can’t take anything with us, there are no pockets in shrouds as the saying goes but time and again we see people who don’t value what they have. Obviously with pensions and the like in such a sorry state we understand what people want and our hope is to support them in their endeavours by working with them and connecting them to the right deals, the right people and the right strategy to suit them. You won’t keep up with the Jones’s by wasting your money on property that won’t show you a return and you won’t impress anyone with a portfolio that makes you old before your time. Better to have five properties that make you a good regular income than fifty that lose you a single penny. There is far more to being a property investor, a landlord or even just a homeowner than meets the eye but if you like to gamble, head to where they are selling property at auction and see if you can make it pay. On the other hand you could work with experienced professionals like us who help and guide people through the property maze by using their own experiences to prevent others from making the same mistakes. Ask anyone with over twenty years property experience what they have learnt and the chances are they could talk all night with one of the biggest learning curves being around people and how they just never seem to learn.


Always work with a strategy not a tragedy.

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