Roll Over

Roll Over

Things are starting to move again now it’s September and after I read last week that house prices had dropped overall again. To the savvy investor the value of a property only matters when they buy it, so they can get a better deal. Unless you’re trying to roll over (or flip as some say) each property then the long game is far more favourable in terms of building value and receiving income in the form of rent. Where would we be without those lovely tenants? They may be hard work but when they pay the rent that pays the bills and pays you a lot on top they have to be considered the best people in the world and I generally treat them that way. Having a regard for your tenants is an important factor in being a good landlord. Providing accommodation that you would be willing to live in yourself is an indication of the quality you should provide. Some landlords want it all and give nothing back and that sets a bad standard.

The biggest part of the last week has had me running cross country to check out deals in the lovely county of Somerset. It’s not a financial hot bed over there but for people like me who love the area it could have some long term investment advantages. Wherever you invest it’s a risk if you can’t manage it and a real investor needs to make sure the people are in place to run the properties before buying them. One or two nice London deals have been offered out, and our criteria for investors in the portfolio build have seen some interested parties getting involved.

Yesterday was spent ironing out the finer points of a deal which has a lot of value in it but just needed delicate handling and negotiating as it involves an old chap that is vulnerable and has to be protected from the rogues out there. It gives me a great sense of pleasure and pride knowing he can trust me to help him more than anyone else he’s come across; most people turned him down flat. I’ve been able to help him get what he wanted, help an investor get a good deal and help ourselves make a few bob for our toil. It’s a triple win scenario and with patience and thought and consideration it can be achieved, overcoming greed to help others is where the real value is. With any deal or relationship we have to see it as a place to give not something to take advantage of. We have to be aware of the problems that may surface and read the signals that come along. When we can identify any of the difficulties before they get out of hand and intervene swiftly, we can usually eliminate them before they ruin a deal for everyone and waste a whole lot of time and expense.

When we let past circumstances limit the belief in what we can do today and going forward, we condemn ourselves and more importantly others to limiting factors in how they can achieve, develop or help more people. It’s all very well to try to help people on the other side of the planet to ease our own conscience, and in gratitude of what we have, that is exactly what we should do but, I believe, if we try to help each other all the time in every way we can, that will spread more good vibes to help more people overall. It’s very easy to roll over go back to sleep and ignore things that need to be done by expecting someone else to miraculously do it. Being benevolent starts with not wanting, not by having more. Meet any truly spiritual person and you will soon realise that wealth is not about having more but wanting less. When we want more for others than we want for ourselves we become elevated.

Some of us have far more than we will ever need, so much so that it becomes a worry and would make us sad if we lose it even though we may never use it. Acquiring wealth goes hand in hand with managing wealth and it can become a burden in its own right. As the time for getting tax returns completed gets less and less it’s just another thought of the mountain of tasks that come with financial gain. Sometimes we need to seek our own values to realise what we want out of anything. When we know that we can really shape our lives by helping others, the meaning we attach to the events that happen to us and the practices we bring about, then we can start to prevent the past from affecting our future and learn to give value to others for our own gratification and satisfaction.

Endeavour to help others to roll over and sleep better by giving more.

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