Our Services

We are a property investment consultancy so we pride ourselves on our ability to help. We also offer services for every aspect of property investing such a building a property portfolio or sourcing property worldwide. Palatine Property Solutions has an extensive network of property professionals and offer free one to one consultations for any of your financial worries or queries. Our mission is to help you move forward in life and to become financially secure for your future. Palatine Property Solutions are here to help with every aspect of your investment; we provide a high level of customer service and our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers. For more information please visit our individual service pages…

Our Investment Goals

Benefits of seeking professional advice

  • Create on going passive income to supplement or replace what you have now
  • Develop future proof financial security along with a valuable income for retirement
  • Build your capital as quickly as possible, utilisng our proven property investment strategies
  • Recover from past mistakes and poorly performing investments in your existing property portfolio
  • Learn from the mistakes of others and capitalise on their successes
  • Improve your networking capabilities within the property industry
  • Meet key players that can advise you on different approaches

We offer investors above average returns

  • ROI – Return on investment, with positive cash flow from completion

We have access to properties all over the UK

Whether you are new to property investing or an experienced investor looking to expand your property portfolio, Palatine Property Solutions has exceptional investment opportunities located across the country including Manchester, London, Leeds, Birmingham and Newcastle. We have offered property up to 35% Below Market Value in recent months with excellent rental yields exceeding 10% per annum.

What we think about the market

In our opinion 2012-2013 represents the last best opportunity in the current property investor cycle to invest in property with the combined benefit of rock bottom prices and genuine massive discounts below market value. All factors point to a net price for savvy investors that is the lowest you are ever likely to achieve, with  higher rental yields. This means that all investors can pocket in extra cash.

How we issue out new deals to members

All our new UK property investment opportunities are available to our private members via our membership portal and new property investment opportunities are notified by various channels which includes email alerts, with our new members app in development to be launched shortly.

Contact us

Sign up for a free one to one consultation with one of our experienced property advisers or email our office for a scheduled call

Email team@palatinepropertysolutions.com

Contact our office 0161 871 8444 to speak to a staff member.

For urgent or complicated property inquiries call 07850 426 234 and speak directly with our most experienced director Lionel Palatine.