New Slant


A week in the North catching up in the office whilst enjoying my birthday at the weekend was too good an opportunity not to make the most of my new city apartment location and enjoy the delights of Manchester. Variety has always spiced my life and I certainly got a bucket load of it this week. One of my mentees was speaking at the Toastmaster’s event so a friend and I went to offer our support – he did very well but his subject was floored. I certainly wasn’t expecting to be thrown in at the deep end to give a talk. You always have to be ready. The Friday evening was classic culture with a new twist and the modern rendition of Midsummer Night’s Dream. Shakespeare would turn in his grave if he knew what was going on now.

Saturday night was party night and friends I haven’t seen for a long while came together, not for my birthday but to enjoy friendship in an idyllic setting in the hills. A little too much imbibing led my birthday to be one of recovery, contemplation, reflection and meditation rather celebration but sometimes we need to realize we’re not as young as we’d like to be. Monday night brought a close friend over from Wales for good food, good conversation and good fun followed by Tuesday night back in my home village playing with kids who act older than me. The days of course were filled with back to back meetings except the Saturday when my boy and I enjoyed the mad inventor’s faire. There is so much going on everywhere all the time, it’s such a shame there is just never enough time to do everything.

It’s only a month since I moved to Hampshire but what a difference that has made to my outlook. I might miss my home town before long but for now my new home is offering me far more. The money still has to flow and that can seem a bit daunting from any angle but with the projects we have in the pipeline it should only be a matter of time. Looking at things from a unique angle makes all the difference to everything I have ever done or want to do. I don’t want to be like anybody else or think the same way anybody else does. There is such value in freedom thinking that I really struggle to understand why people are happy to settle for anything less.

Looking at things differently can be the golden key to a fortune. It can also be the road to ruin so perhaps that’s why people avoid it – the fear factor. A large slice of courage is needed with any goal, aim or desire otherwise by simple reckoning they wouldn’t be worth having. Most people of my age want to do less, take fewer risks and generally slow down. I thought years ago that I would be the same, but in reality I’m the exact opposite, it’s as if I don’t care about the consequences of my actions now although of course I do more so than ever. There’s a major difference in caring for yourself and seeing things differently, we can put a new slant on anything existing but whether that makes it better or worse is in the eye of the beholder.

Endeavour to slant your thinking.

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