So here we are in month two of 2013 already. When you want to build a property portfolio you need to set targets. How have you done in January? On target? Above target? Below target? Without any target you wouldn’t even know. It doesn’t even have to be a month target but it has to be something that shows you are working towards your goal. Building a property portfolio can be a simple task if you know how to delegate and can afford it. With fewer resources it can be a struggle that needs a firm hand at the tiller. Limited funds call for some drastic action but it’s not impossible. As this new month comes into play the opportunities are likely to be far and wide. A drive through any suburb will see properties for sale. A cycle ride or walk could reveal a whole lot more if you know what you’re looking for. In some cases it might even be worth doing your own leafleting as you will know better than anyone which properties to target.

Not everyone works with the same intentions and the value of time can be very different for each of us. Finding what suits our own criteria can make a massive difference to the way we achieve or miss our targets. How and where we advertise or market ourselves can be a big indication of what we want to create. Our capability is more or less constant but how much of it we use depends on our vision of ourselves and that is directly proportional to the way others see us. Changing our beliefs and effectively changing our identity can be the key to our expansion. It’s not necessarily the effect we have on people whilst we speak to them, but what impression we leave them with. We have to be consistent as a basic need and we all act according to our inner belief of who we are and what we can create. By changing our subconscious thinking we could reach higher goals. I was toying with hypnotherapy to change my state of mind but am opting for coaching to build my portfolio in a way that suits me.

Finding the coach that suits you can be a challenge alone. We can all benefit from mentoring and being a mentor. The coach has to be able to set goals that will stretch your thinking. They have to have respected and preferably liked as a person. They need to be stern to drive you forward but clear in their understanding and explaining to you how to meet your targets by doing what they suggest and working to new practices. When you set your mind to build a property portfolio no matter how large or small it may seem expensive to find someone who is deemed to have sufficient knowledge. Try finding someone that has written a book about the subject. Read the book before the first session and try to have a grasp of the concepts you want to employ to reach your targets. Changing our behaviour will bring about a different affect. The only limit to our ability is the limit to our thinking, by removing what we previously saw as a problem we can see the result of our actions.

We need to be determined to build a property portfolio. Determination is all about commitment the difference between getting stuck at a problem and giving up, and seeing that problem as a challenge to get over. The people who work with a committed congruent attitude are the ones that hit the targets and succeed with their goals. Developing determination isn’t necessarily easy and can lead us to be blinkered in our approach. Alongside the attitude to keep going no matter what, we have to be able to see other approaches that may bring about the same objective. There is no point going the long way round with something to achieve a goal if a simple solution would bring about the same result. Converting leads to deals may be the easiest and most hourly effective part, finding the leads, building the trust and ultimately helping the householder to get the best deal should be the real aim. It’s all about ethics and having the right heart for the business. We like to think that we are more caring, capable and concerned than any other property traders and whether we have targets or not our client philosophy comes first.

Always set targets but be flexible enough to be caring.

Written by:
Lionel Palatine – He is a regular networker and a speaker at events as well as being a property author and adviser. He joint ventures deals and shows people how to buy property for low cost which are inclusive of all fees and deposits.

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