Tick Tock

Time waits for no man. The last week has gone so quickly it has taken many of us by surprise. Everything that was promised by lenders to come to fruition hasn’t materialized and we hear we’re still in the queue. The problem is there are so many people chasing the same mortgage deals that the best ones become inundated and they simply can’t handle the numbers. For those of us on the outside it just seems as if they are dragging their feet and its infuriating if deals fall out of bed because of it. We’ve managed to buy time on two deals that were likely to go south by adding incentives to the sellers but they have deadlines to meet as well. It all just seems so much hassle though and when we look at more creative means of finance we see that there are ways we can leave the lenders out of the picture altogether in some deals.

One we’re working on at the moment is going to give the present owner income over a long period instead of the lump sum he expected or thought he needed. When we sat down with him and worked out exactly what he wanted the money for, it became obvious that it was a better deal for him to have less up front and more as it goes along than it would have been with a single payment. This also gives us the opportunity to pay him from our current property proceeds without additional borrowing. This same sort of deal can be brought about as a joint venture when people have the contacts to make the deals work. Saving money usually saves time and saving time generally saves money. Do without the lenders who call all the shots, and a property can look very lucrative no matter what the interest rates or quantative easing do in the future economy.

Problems really do occur with porting though. Trying to get an old mortgage on a sold property onto a new property deal can be fraught with difficulty especially when the lenders drag their heels and time schedules become really tight for the seller. That’s when the stress can kick in and keeping your cool can be a significant factor when dealing with so many people. The investor is really the go between and those who keep everybody sweet when the chips are down is the difference between the savvy guys and the ones that lose the deals. Sometimes you have to break out into a sweat just to get the right information in the right place at the right time. There are some good habits to get into and having time for the priorities is one of them. Of course you have to realise what the priorities are! We can become the masters of our own fate if we can only think about things in the right manner.

Sometimes awareness comes from things totally unconnected to what we have an awakening experience of. Fear of one thing can lead to a knock on effect that could affect everything. Every day presents another opportunity to propel us in the direction we desire. Hoping that the rest of the people we work with will have the same impetus as ourselves could easily lead us astray and unless we are able to keep a keen eye on all we survey the likelihood of success is limited. There is also a feeling of greater contribution when we are more involved in the initial stages of making a deal work. It’s the small things that are done consistently that make all the difference. Laying back on your laurels won’t work in the present market we need to be on the ball. Time comes to all of us only once so making the most of it is crucial to success. Time management skills help to reduce the amount of wasted time by planning and being organized to do everything more methodically.

Planning is a large part of saving time to create our desired goals. Failing to plan is one of the simplest mistakes made when we want something. How do we even know what we want or where we want to be if we haven’t planned a route to get there? Successful people are those who ask better questions and get better results from their better answers. Heading off to Turkey later today with a bevy of females is going to be a challenge for the weekend to promote property deals, when the hard working ladies will just want to enjoy the sunshine. Having the whole time planned out in advance could be too dogmatic an approach to create any sales. Planning the times to make the visits to the developments and giving alternative British property bargains should create a rapport that will help them to choose wisely in their investments.

Always consider your precious time as a factor in any deal.

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