Unlucky or Not

Unlucky or Not

Friday the thirteenth rears its head again. How many of us can honestly say we are not in any way affected by superstition? few know where these deep routed beliefs truly originated but if we tell ourselves something as ridiculous as this particular day is going to be unlucky you can guarantee our subconscious will work to make sure that very thing comes to fruition. Luck or lack of it does play a part in our lives usually without us even realising it so why would we intentionally bring bad luck into our thinking. A tried and tested method to remove any form of negative thinking from our conscious mind is to say to ourselves ‘Thank you for sharing that information with me’ then simply parking that thought out of the way. Try to detach your thinking from your thoughts.

There is little more damaging than our own thinking, like the rhyme goes – ” Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger woman or man, but sooner or later the one who wins is the one who thinks they can”! A property portfolio is no different to any other business it needs good and meaningful financial control. It’s very much a people business, particularly if you manage your own places but to progress it’s sometimes better to break it down into easier more manageable chunks. With most businesses the three legs of the milking stool principle still hold good. Finance, Production and Marketing cover the requirements. So how does this work with a portfolio of properties? Simply put it could be, Money, Properties and Lead Generation, all equally important and all should have percentage amounts of budget to increase potential opportunities. I know of one property business that spends £35K per month on advertising to produce £40K in value so the amounts can increase quite dramatically.

What affects the novice investor also affects the motivated seller. Friday 13th is as much an omen for them as it could be for you if you let it. Next time it comes round try mentioning it in negotiations a couple of weeks beforehand and see what a difference it makes to your deal making deadlines. Anything that has a negative connotation can be turned into a positive if you apply the right techniques. Of course you have clientele to work with. Your marketing has to be sufficiently capable of drawing in the people who really need your help and this can stem from simple word of mouth through leaflets and signs to sophisticated and expensive websites. Whichever methods you use the importance to get over the win/win message is imperative as no one wants to be seen losing out.

Everyone needs to get the best out of a deal, it’s critical to be ethical in all business dealings for our own self worth and the respect and value of others. Too many people in property try to take advantage of situations when they are faced with vulnerable people. Our aim is to give valued service where people are happy to recommend us and see the benefit in what we do. A good reputation is like gold. It will shine out before you so people know they can trust you. Building rapport with those who need our services is essential, simply because the deals don’t necessarily present themselves until months down the line. It’s always worth re-contacting people who said no the first time to remind them your still interested.

Enjoy being ethical in your business, don’t rely on luck.

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