Who Will Buy My House?

I’m heading to the capital this weekend for numerous meetings following on from a lady who has been hoping to create a new living space after having asked the question who will buy my house and then sending another website enquiry for a fast house sale London, which has amounted to several conversations which could potentially bring about a good deal for discussion. What she has come across is a commercial property in an excellent capital growth area she adores and wants to live long term.

It has planning to build two further floors to provide two luxury apartments above a shop. She has the problem that she can’t really afford what she wants so that’s how we came to speak. The present owner wants a substantial sum for what is essentially as space in the sky above an existing building. While she could just about reach his demands for the purchase price she then wouldn’t be able to build the desired space and sell one as hoped. Had she been able to raise the money she feels she would end up with hers for nothing.

That’s a bold attempt at making hay in sunshine of property and she deserves some support so I’m meeting with all parties to try to negotiate a better deal, not just on the price but on what can be done overall. Whilst she has given me chapter and verse on what can be done to build her wonderful new home, unfortunately (and as is so often the case) she has nothing definite in facts and figures.

So my first meeting will be with the vendor to establish exactly what he wants, get a signed agreement on the price that both he and the lady purchaser will be happy with. As we said to her this morning, an offer is only an offer and if we can’t make it work we can either withdraw it or renegotiate it. As she hasn’t even made a formal offer to him, how she expects him to read her mind we don’t know, and yet we find this mixed understanding happens quite frequently.She’s already asked for a fast house sale.

London is not the area where people won’t respond to her internet requests; the world and his wife are still greedily trying to get in on the seemingly ever increasing value of the property market there. So then, we can next assess the value of her existing property and what will be the best way to sell it to make her dreams come true. Until our conversation, her view of what she could do was blinkered to say the least. We suggested she do a deal with a building company so that they would get a bigger return by doing the work and getting a share of the sale proceeds instead of her paying it out. It seemed such a good idea to her she couldn’t contain her excitement.

Then a further idea was to get another property investor to buy the lower apartment so that the cost of purchasing the space would be reduced to her. She couldn’t believe it even possible that someone would want to do that. We simply pointed out that if she was willing to do it why wouldn’t someone else? The fact that we have people on our books waiting for such opportunities left her quite speechless. Hopefully she’ll have recovered sufficiently by tomorrow so we can make her dreams a reality.

Always think out of the box when your home isn’t just a box.

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