You Never Know

You Never Know

When you get a name in property you attract all manner of people from those who want help to get started to those who want more than you can deliver. We just never know who we are talking to and this week we had a typical example of someone who we really would like to be able to help but his own unwillingness to speak truthfully has cost us a lot of time and of course that relates to money. For some bizarre reason the gentleman in question considered us some kind of charity institution that would simply hand out a massive amount of money to help him achieve something that was really quite unlikely to make anything at all. Whilst we consider it important to put our clients’ needs first they have to have some realism in their own thinking, we work to a win/win scenario and if someone is not willing to reveal all the facts then there really is little we can do to help as nothing can be hidden when all the checks are made.

There are stringent requirements on lenders these days to ascertain full information on everything to ensure that the foolish mistakes of the past don’t haunt our nation again. I recently had to prove where a deposit had been received from not just via the person that sent it but by legal proof that the person who sent it was indeed supposed to have sent it by court order. Admittedly things do seem to have gone overboard on security measures but some of the tales we have heard of make us realise why. Last week I wanted a bank statement from a branch I have never used before, as I was staying with a friend. I had my cheque book to show the account and my passport to prove my identity, sufficient I would have thought for the print out requested. Maybe the bank teller was being overzealous, and of course had somebody else been trying to get my information I would have been highly concerned but she also asked me for details on other accounts held with the bank, my date of birth, my address, my home mortgage details, direct debit amounts, the last amount of money deposited and my signature.

Today at a different branch again, I tried to transfer an amount of money from my personal account to a business account, again with the same cheque book and passport details. I was told as I didn’t have my debit card and pin number I would have to pay in the region of twenty pounds to make the transfer and the business would have to pay to receive it. I had no alternative other than to pay but it just shows how the plastic cards and computer information are taking over from simple systems that even a few months ago could be used quite regularly. Doing a similar thing with another bank soon after had none of the same necessities though which to me seemed strange that the rules are different between different bank. A while back I tried to cash some travellers cheques I’d held for a couple of years which I didn’t use on a holiday. When I took them into a bank the tellers didn’t even know what they were and yet at one time they were seen as the safest way to carry money abroad. How quickly things change! I wonder whether we are able to keep up with it all. I know these measures are improved and implemented to keep ahead of criminal elements but ordinary honest people end up struggling and footing the bill.

Talking with a solicitor yesterday she told me of her fears for increased costs due to fraudulent practices that she’s heard of. She was concerned of everything being stored in the cloud, and how long it would be before some whizz kid backed by dodgy people would be able to read it like a book. Her wonderful metaphor was a prediction of a cloud burst and how we would all get a soaking in the downpour. The fact of the matter is we put so much faith in things we really don’t know anything about.

Technology has increased the speed of everything we do and the world is a very different place in this century to the last one. It seems a shame that we can’t create our material abundance and our spiritual prosperity in quite the same way even though they should be seen as one and the same. We have everything we need to help us on our pathway to a richer, fuller life, yet watch any news program and you would think the end of civilisation as we know it is literally crumbling around our ears. As said by William Jennings Bryan “Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice”.

The last few weeks has had me attending a variety of events which have covered each of the elements of physical materialism, life’s higher values and emotional excitement. Each of these has had very different people with very different views and yet any one of them like me could have attended all three and adopted a viewpoint that there can be a new kind of business that can serve humanity and a different kind of thinking that should help others rather than extort financial gratification. I don’t suppose many people will listen to me, and even fewer would follow my viewpoint. You never know though and the treasure map for my life would create a mission statement that would have an umbrella vision to help anyone who knows where they want to go.

Never be swayed by money alone, real wealth is worth far more.

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